Marina / Slip Amenities

Laundry Facilities -

Front load washers and dryers are coin operated and available 24 hours a day.

Storage Facilities -

Limited storage units are available. We also offer lockers inside our shower facilities for convenient storing of your shower caddy or towels. Call the marina office for size availability and cost.

Vessel Pump Out -

A free self service pump dock is available at each slip of the marina. Weekly or monthly pump out service is available at a nominal fee.

Restrooms -

Point Loma Marina offers all new state of the art restrooms with shower facilities and several indoor lockers which are available to rent for a low monthly fee.

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Recycling -


Skimmer -

We have installed a Marina Trash Skimmer along the main walk. Our "Clean Machine" collects trash such as Styrofoam cups, plastic and glass bottles, plastic bags, wood and cardboard, and also removes the oil sheen from the water's surface.

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Security Cameras -

We have over 10 video cameras which are recorded and monitored throughout the property.

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Free Wifi-

Free Wifi internet access is now available.